Innate Traditions

Midwifing a cultural shift - in honor of our innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life.

About Rachelle

I am a Mother, a Wife and a Traditional Midwife. I align with and abide by the Laws of Nature; the cyclical Nature of our bodies and the eternal Nature of our Souls.

I train and certify healthcare providers in a framework of postpartum WELLNESS, that is rooted in somatic integrity; so that Mothers, families and Planet may flourish.

My work is centered around families as the microcosms of the Universe.

I mentor young women, so that they may step up into their roles as community leaders; as living examples of right-relationship to Life.

I believe it is our birthright to live in Beauty, and my inner and outer work is dedicated to exactly this.

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Our Mission

Innate Traditions exists to midwife a cultural shift- where innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life are centered and honored.

We work with people across disciplines and geographies to: unlearn destructive belief systems that disconnect humanity from each other and from Life; re-member humanity’s original blueprint; and work as concentric rings - positively impacting the respective communities to which we belong. 

Our primary commitment is to maternal health and the revival of true postpartum care. Women are the heart, the foundation of the people. Supporting Mothers supports healthy and empowered families, which supports thriving communities, which supports all of humanity.

INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training

INNATE Postpartum Care—Certification Training is an intensive training for birth and health care professionals worldwide. Most modern, educational pathways for healthcare providers offer frameworks for the postpartum period rooted in pathology detection and treatment. INNATE’s Training offers a framework of posptartum WELLNESS, rooted in a holistic understanding of postpartum physiology and psychology. INNATE’s Training offers essential understandings into the necessary requirements for healthy Mothers and families – and thus the necessary requirements in the creation of a thriving human culture.

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Fourth Cycle: Mentorship for Initiated Womanhood

The decisions we make during the fourth cycle of our lives as women (from 21-28 years old), often form the foundation for our entire adult lives. Few of us in the modern world have been raised with spiritually mature adults, and few of us have properly been ushered out of adolescence into adulthood.

When we are disconnected from our true nature and rightful place as women, sickness abounds in our bodies, in our communities, and on Earth. When we re-member who we are as women, we can claim both the privilege and responsibility of our Womanhood, and in so doing, we bring healing to all of Creation. This remembrance forms the foundation of Fourth Cycle: Mentorship for Initiated Womanhood.

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Physiologic Baby Care

Beyond theories, opinions and ‘expert’ advice on child-rearing and raising, Physiologic Baby Care course, is a translation of human babies’ biological blueprint. In understanding the physiologic design of our newborn babies, we come to understand the ‘map’ we have been given to lay down a foundation of life-long health and vitality for our children.

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