Circle of Support is a monthly membership group for those who have completed INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training.

Coming Spring 2021

As we discuss during INNATE’s Training: Just as a baby has two layers of support in utero through the two layers of the amniotic sac (the amnion and chorion), and just as the biologic design is for babies to have two layers of support upon being born (baby’s Mother/Father), we all need two layers of support, as we go about doing our work, in service to Thriving Life, through this pathway of Maternal Health.

Doing our work as birth and healthcare providers, in integrity with WHO WE ARE, can often be very lonely. As we pave new pathways for health and wellness to prevail (often even within our respective ‘professions’), to not be derailed by the potential isolation, we must assure for ourselves, that we have two layers of support.

I created Circle of Support to offer to all of you - one of these layers of support.

We will meet one time per month, on a yearly cycle. There will be themes that we tend to woven throughout the year. And guest teachers brought in to exalt our space. During each meeting there will be a 1-1.5 hour teaching, followed by time to discuss and share.