INNATE Postpartum Care’s Advanced Training, was created to build upon the foundation laid during INNATE Postpartum Care—Certification Training, for birth workers and health care professionals.

In INNATE’s Certification Training, we deeply discuss and understand the template of the world’s postpartum traditions. We learn how our physiologic and psychologic design as women, mandates essential care in the postpartum time—and how this care profoundly contributes to our life-long health and vitality as women. Each INNATE Certified Provider, has woven this body of work into her individual practice, tending to women and families in an integral, authentic way.

In INNATE’s Advanced training, 13 expert, guest teachers have been invited to facilitate a 11-Module, online training, for a total of 30 plus hours of instruction. Each module is followed by required course work—all of which facilitates your integration of the teachings received.

The topics addressed in each of the 11 modules, are topics not often tended to within the world of women’s health, however, are entirely relevant in our contribution to the creation of THRIVING family systems and THRIVING life.

INNATE’s Advanced training is for those who have completed Certification and are INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Providers.

MODULE 1: Emotional Intelligence for Modern Healers
Taught by Elder Donna Maria Camps

Emotional Intelligence for Modern Healers is based on ancient star nation teachings for humanity.  It is one of Donna Maria’s missions to share these ancient teachings with you, in a way that is designed to help you remember something that is deep inside of you.  These teachings are worded with the intention of helping you with the ability to -see- and to understand what you are -seeing-, in order to discover who you have always been.  We are creators through our ability to feel and generate emotional frequencies.  Emotional energy is the creative force behind our reality.  It is time we learn how to master ourselves.

Donna-Maria Camps was born on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies and is descended from Circum- Mediterranean nations as well as the Carib and Arawak nations of North Eastern South America and the Caribbean. Donna-Maria is a Sun Dancer of the Lakota tradition, and a Western Door sweatlodge leader and has worked as a spiritual advisor within the Canadian federal prison system providing ceremonies for inmates as well as for the prison staff.

MODULE 2: Uncommon & Effective Natural Remedies for Urgent Postpartum Conditions
Taught by Midwife Karen Rae Ferreira, CCH, RSHom (NA)

In this 3 hour introductory class, participants will gain awareness and understanding of the use of various healing modalities, including homeopathic, botanical and other natural remedies, in urgent maternal and newborn postpartum conditions. Various applications of complementary approaches will be taught for a number of urgent postpartum conditions. The topics to be discussed include: Maternal Bleeding/ Extended Postpartum Hemorrhage; Mastitis; Healing after Cesarean birth (relieve pain, treat & prevent infection, and speed healing); Maternal Grief & Postpartum Depression; Urinary Conditions (bladder incontinence, retention, prolapse); Neonatal & Maternal Birth Injuries (tailbone, shoulder, neck, hematoma, episiotomy).

Karen Rae Ferreira, CCH, RSHom (NA) began her study and use of Classical Homeopathy, Botanical & Natural Medicines, Midwifery, and Diet & Nutrition in 1979, and has maintained a private practice in Classical Homeopathy since.Karen has more than 38 years experience in family health care, successfully using homeopathy and natural medicines in home, hospital and birth center settings, as well as telephone and Skype consultations with clients, midwives, doulas, doctors and nurses. Karen is married, a mother/stepmother of 6, and grandmother to 6, and a biodynamic gardener.

MODULE 3: Fulfilling the Spiritual Capacity of Family: Understanding elements of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine to bring about a deeply bonding, fulfilling, functional polarity to the family
Taught by: Elder Pat McCabe, Woman Stands Shining

Drawing upon insights from Indigenous cultural practice, as well as from sources from modern culture, we will look at some of the underlying principles of the Feminine and Women’s Nation as well as the Masculine and Men’s Nation, and the spiritual capacity they hold based upon their innate characteristics. With this foundation we will then look at what happens when all of this medicine comes together with the bringing of Life, and with the great spiritual possibilities of the family, the community and the Global Community.

Pat McCabe, Woman Stands Shining, is by blood from the Dine (Navajo) Nation, and was also adopted by the Lakota Spiritual Way of Life. She is the mother of five children, is an artist, writer, activist and visioner of Thriving Life principles on this Mother Earth. She has been speaking worldwide from Indigenous perspective on “sustainability” and specifically about how the understanding of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine make possible any thoughts we might hold about humanity’s desire to uphold our part of the Sacred Hoop of Life.

MODULE 4: A Sustainable Path to Holistic Childbirth and Culturally Centered Parenting
Taught by Perinatal Lifestyle Consultants RaShaunda & Melvin Lugrand of The InTune Mother Project

Within this program is a sustainable design to increase the awareness and importance of support for the Mother and the Father from conception throughout the postpartum period. Our framework links SMART techniques that will support the pregnant woman and family on how to: Prepare for the shift in relationship prior to the birth of a new baby, while honoring and evolving into a deeper connection. We will also discuss the importance of the role of the Father during in the entire perinatal period. We will then navigate from a point of preconception (courtship) into the practice of parenthood (partnership), to suggest right order in the creation of sound family-hood. This training will allow you to address these topics according to our own personal experiences, education, and intuitive direction by creating a sustainable course of community centered action.

RaShaunda and Melvin Lugrand have been married for 11 years this coming October 13th. They are the proud parents of 3 healthy male children, which were all born at home, and are currently being homeschooled. As founders of The InTune Mother Project, they are very passionate about family centered work. They enjoy sharing their own experiences, personal lifestyle choices, and how to thrive in “Couple-Hood” using a holistic approach to supporting consciousness in conception, childbirth, and childrearing. Through seeing childbirth as a gift from the Mother, back to the Father, we can see a sequential, evolutionary pattern, that soundly represents a healthy balance in the primal continuum of human development.

MODULE 5: Healing from a C-Section using body based psychology approaches
Taught by Amanda Coslor, Licensed Midwife and Coquelicot Gilland, Somatic and Presenting Skills Trainer

In this course we will go over caesarian births and some of the somatic and psychological impacts to both mother and baby. By understanding the anatomy, physiology and developmental psychology of the muscles that are effected in caesarian births, we will help expand your ability to read and speak to the mother’s body with a trauma informed perspective. This course will draw from the different somatic psychological systems to demonstrate bodywork techniques, practices and developmental sequencing exercises that help in resolving some of the traumas that are activated in a C-section birth both in mother and baby. We will discuss various ways for birth workers to recognize nervous system dis-regulation–a symptom of trauma–in both themselves and in clients. We will then teach practical tools for nervous system regulation for both you as a care provider, and for your clients.

Amanda Coslor is a Licensed Midwife who has practiced over the last 10 years in both Wisconsin and California. Amanda has a long history as a community health educator. She became interested in women’s health and empowerment while working with women and girls suffering from the traumas of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and drug addiction at the S.A.G.E. project in San Francisco. Amanda trained in a somatic system known as bodynamics, learning about trauma and its effects through a child development framework. She cares deeply about health care approaches that see people as whole and valuable members of their community.

Coquelicot (“co-cle-co”) Gilland is a Personal Coach and Life Skills Trainer, Bodynamic Analyst, Bodynamic Foundation and Skills Trainer, Somatic and Presencing Skills Trainer, Restorative Touchworker and Certified MassageTherapist, Yoga Mentor, member of Birth and Early Parenting Educators, Pastoral Counselor, and Minister with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP). She is the originator of the Compassion Matrix System. Her work has evolved through more than 30 years of experience and a deep commitment to personal and professional growth. She is an advocate for personal growth, inner authority, and mutual connection, serving as both student and teacher. She acts as catalyst and facilitator for the development of inner strength and wholeness.

MODULE 6: Postpartum Support for Abortion, Miscarriage, and Reproductive Losses
Taught by Molly Dutton-Kenny, Certified Professional Midwife

Not every pregnancy that begins, continues. Whether by abortion, miscarriage, or other reproductive losses, many individuals and families may find themselves looking for help processing the abrupt end of a new pregnancy. The unique postpartum needs of these experiences are often largely ignored, though dearly and desperately needed just as they would be after a birth. This course will explore the wide variety of reproductive losses, how they are experienced physiologically and psychologically, and how they can best be supported in holistic, heart-centered, knowledgable, and fearless ways. Skills will range from those appropriate for primary care providers to community supporters. *Please note, this course is explicitly pro-choice and will be exploring abortion in depth as one form of reproductive loss*

Molly Dutton-Kenny, CPM is a midwife, full spectrum doula, and educator. She has worked all over the world, and has a breadth of knowledge about reproduction from a truly full spectrum lens, from fertility to pregnancy, from birth to postpartum, from abortion to loss. She focuses on bringing awareness and insight to individuals and practitioners experiencing and working with a spectrum of reproductive health, focusing our knowledge back down to basic, instinctual, and home-centered processes and remedies. She lives with her family in Toronto, Canada.

MODULE 7: Tending the Postpartum Psyche
Taught by Whapio, Elder Midwife

Many Postpartum women are disappointed, wounded and even angry about their recent birthing experiences. In this class, we will address the Postpartum Psyche and unfold the dynamics of what may have occurred so that women can heal and embrace the gifts of the postpartum. We’ll be witnessing the power dynamics that often play out between the family and the caregiver and we’ll have a forward-thinking and mature discussion of the psychological rank that is usually part of this dynamic. We’ll discuss what the wise use of power looks like and we’ll witness the distress caused by the misuse of knowledge and influence. Understanding and articulation opens the door to witnessing and healing. And that is the goal of this discussion…the retelling of birth stories in a clear and powerful voice.

Whapio has been a midwife and teacher for the past 35 years. She has directed the non-profit organization ‘The Matrona,’ since it’s creation in 2001 and continues to offer midwifery and doula programs, both on-line and in person. Whapio speaks frequently about the Consciousness of Birth and value of Returning Birth to the Family.

MODULE 8: Sexuality Postpartum: A Sacred Initiation
Taught by Sarah Byrden, Moga Dao Sacred Sexuality Teacher

MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Teacher Sarah Byrden offers her teachings, allowing us to understand sexuality in the postpartum phase with great reverence, possibility and beauty. Often, the postpartum phase of a woman’s experience—as well as her partner’s—can feel like a severance from sexuality, when in fact this time is one of the most potent and primordial doorways into true human sexuality. Often bewildering, sorrowful and full of unspoken feelings for both partners, this course will help you to understand how to help your clients learn to navigate and celebrate this phase as a rite of passage; realizing the profound opportunity for a deepening experience and understanding of sexuality and life energy.

Sarah Byrden has been an educator in the fields of transformational wilderness therapy, international cross-cultural development, experiential and body-based healing since 2000. As a certified MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Teacher, she offers paradigms, practices and teachings that allow her students to integrate sexuality into their lives in profound ways. She is the owner and founder of The Elemental Self, a company offering visionary curriculum, transformational workshops, and wilderness immersion for the sacred ecovery of matters of the body, heart, soul and our eternal wildness.


Part 1: A holistic perspective on contraceptive options and the physiological and psychological effects of hormonal contraceptive use
Taught by Sarah Bly, Direct-Entry Midwife and Reproductive and Sexual-Health Educator

We will briefly cover the current contraceptive options available in the US, focusing on the effects of widespread use of hormonal contraception. Included in this class will be: Introductions to various contraceptive options— Barrier Methods, Hormonal Birth Control, Surgical, Long Acting Reversible Contraception, Fertility Awareness Based Methods; Current IUD research—prevention of side effects, good candidates; Effects of Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) on long-term health—physiological, nutrient depletion, hormonal dis-regulation, psychological/cultural; Utilizing Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) in contraceptive spectrum—Foundations for self-care, combination practices, sovereignty; Protocol for clearing and re-balancing after use of HBC.

Part 2: Clinical and Cultural Applications of the Fertility Awareness Practice
Taught by Sarah Bly, Direct-Entry Midwife and Reproductive and Sexual-Health Educator

This class will serve as an introduction to the Fertility Awareness practice.  It will include an overview of daily bio-marker tracking and it’s context in our modern culture and current health-care system. We will cover usage of Fertility Awareness for contraception, for conscious conception, for gauging gynecological health and for cultural healing of our sexuality.  We will specifically address clinical applications of the practice during the postpartum time for both contraception and self care.

Sarah Bly is a reproductive and sexual health educator and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. She originally trained and worked as a home-birth midwife but has found her passion in women’s health education. She is the founder and facilitator of a certification and teacher training program that began in 2011 and is dedicated to the sovereignty and empowerment of women as experts of their own bodies. Sarah is also a mother, dancer and gardener and lives in Ashland, Oregon.

MODULE 10: Connecting to Your New Body After the First 6-Weeks Postpartum
Taught by Dr. Lauren Mallari-Snyder PT, DPT
Women’s Health Specialist, Founder Thrive Physical Therapy

This course takes a deeper dive into the biomechanics and physical techniques to improve changes in the postpartum body. We will clarify physical therapy’s role in postpartum care. We will review and deepen your anatomy and biomechanics knowledge on posture/alignment, breathing and Diastasis Recti, and go over techniques on how to improve these issues. We will learn efficient body mechanics to help prevent spine, pelvis, core and pelvic floor dysfunctions and will learn exercises to strengthen these areas, necessary to perform these body mechanics correctly and eventually automatically.

Lauren began her career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012 after graduating from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences in San Diego, CA. Fascinated by the art and science of movement, she began studying more about Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor dysfunctions through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, combined that with her orthopedic and neuromuscular re-education studies of Functional Manual Therapy® through The Institute of Physical Art, learned a ton from her mentors and colleagues in Chicago and has studied some Visceral Mobilization through the Barral Institute, Strain-Counterstrain through the Jones Institute and INNATE Postpartum Care with Rachelle Garcia Seliga. She is a member of the San Diego Birth Network and American Physical Therapy Association and Founder of Thrive Physical Therapy in San Diego.


PART 1: Postpartum Sacred String Ceremony
Taught by Haize Hawke, Homebirth Midwife

String has been used to protect or honor major life events in West African tradition since ancient times. In this ceremony, we use it to signify the importance of the birth journey. We also acknowledge the length of time we held in between both worlds. This is an honoring of what we have accomplished and where we have been. What we have seen between the veils and what we are creating on this side. Then finally, the string signifies closure. That which was wide open is now, for a time, closed.

Haize Hawke is a Mother, Doula, Midwife, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Long- Distance Birth Coach, a Life Coach, and a Spiritual Counselor. Haize’s focus is on creating support within the family unit—allowing for optimal relaxation and felt support to be experienced in birth. In private sessions, Haize offers support to birth related issues including: preconception work; fear of labor; inter-generational birth trauma; miscarriages, stillbirths or abortions; and postpartum concerns. Haize is the facilitator of Sister2Sister/Brother2Brother Coming of Age Spirituals and Rites of Passages Ceremonies; a celebration and support for a young girls and boys as well as women and men, evolving into adulthood.

PART 2: Birth Story Integration Ceremony
Taught by Elizabeth Betwixt, Women’s Pelvic Health Provider

Birth is a rite of passage for parents, baby, family, and community. As a postpartum care provider, you may facilitate a Birth Story Integration Ceremony to support the family’s return from their journey between the worlds to reincorporate with their people. Through the power of story, Mother and Father celebrate joyful moments, unwind stress, allow emotions to flow, and acknowledge their challenges and choices. A community circle witnesses, and the family is supported to metabolize the multidimensional passage of birth in body, mind, and spirit. Parents and siblings are initiated into Baby’s language, and Baby is initiated into a community who receives and cares for his expression. Thus the ceremony serves the family both as a Closing of the birth and an Opening into a world of healthy relations and collaboration through the workings of life.

Elizabeth Betwixt is a women’s health practitioner, educator, and cultural engineer who resides in Boulder, Colorado. Her work WiseWomen Pelvic Care, is the culmination of 15 years of study in the sacred feminine pelvis. She creates sanctuary for women to embody the power of this creative and sexual center ~ our Fertility. In her individual sessions, Elizabeth fuses craniosacral bodywork, manual therapy for the womb, ovaries and yoni, pelvic floor exercise, sex education, ritual, and fertility coaching. Elizabeth’s passion is to catalyze a remembrance of our womanhood as a Thriving Garden of Life. Her care for the planet is actualized in guiding women to seed a new earth through tending the health of their bodies.

Upon enrollment in INNATE’s Advanced Training, you will be sent the following:

• Full class description and biography’s of teachers, along with link to their websites.

• One-year unlimited access to the videos. (From date of enrollment, you have one-year to complete this training).

• Follow-up assignments upon the completion of each class.

Upon completion of INNATE’s Advanced Training, you will be certified as an: INNATE Postpartum Care – Advanced Provider.

Cost of 30 plus hours of instruction, follow-up work, 1.5 hour long mentorship call with Donna Maria Camps, plus ongoing email support from Rachelle Garcia Seliga is: $997. For those who received scholarships for INNATE’s Certification training, the cost of INNATE’s Advanced Training is: $697.

As a reminder: INNATE’s Advanced training is for those who have completed Certification and are INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Providers.

Once registered, you have ONE YEAR from the date you receive access to INNATE’s Advanced Training to complete it.

Course purchase is non-refundable. You may gift or sell your space to another participant if you are unable to attend.

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